Jeff Hanks

AWOL Soldier Jeff Hanks refusing deployment due to PTSD


Please consider a donation to Jeff's defense fund hosted by Courage to Resist. $985 of an estimated $1,500 needed for legal and mental health care has been donated (as of 28 Jan. 11).

By Sarah Lazare, Truthout. November 5, 2010

"I am just trying to get help," insisted Jeff Hanks (photo right), active duty US Army infantryman, who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. "My goal in this situation is to simply heal. And they wonder why there are so many suicides." Jeff spoke rapidly over the phone from Virginia, where he, his wife and his two young daughters are staying while he is AWOL from the military. Days earlier, Jeff had walked out of an airport, refusing to board a plane headed for Kuwait, which was to be his first stop on his way back to Afghanistan.


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