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By Courage to Resist. March 26, 2014

Our tri-annual print newsletter, April 2014 edition, is now available to view, print, and share! (PDF)

We’ve found these newsletters to be very helpful in communicating with supporters who don’t follow every Facebook post, or read every article we publish, but want to stay up-to-date with our work in support of military resisters. The articles printed in the newsletter are often condensed versions of stories first published online here at

This edition includes:

  • Chelsea Manning: Hero – New legal team hired for WikiLeaks whistle-blower’s military and federal appeals
  • War resister, anti-war organizer Sara Beining facing court martial
  • Giving birth behind bars – War resister Kimberly Rivera struggles with privacy and proper care for her family (full version online here)
  • Army War College says Courage to Resist impedes military recruiting (full version online here)
  • Conscientious Objector Chris Munoz (full version online here)


Iraq War vet Ryan Endicott

RT interview. March 19, 2014. Iraq War veteran Ryan Endicott, discussing the lasting legacy of the war on the 11th anniversary of the US invasion.

Chris Munoz, Army Conscientious Objector

By Bob Meola, Courage to Resist. March 17, 2014

“I could see that it disturbed some of them [who had been deployed].  Some showed emotions when they told their stories. Some didn’t show any emotion..."

Army Conscientious Objector Chris Munoz told me that after high school, he, “worked full time at a group home for mentally disabled kids” and that after a short time in the Army, “I realized that my conscience wouldn’t let me participate in war.  My CO claim was not based on any particular religion.”

Chris’ dad was in the marines.  Chris had a friend who was on HRAP [Home Recruiting Activity Program].  That friend told Chris that the pay in the Army was “very good” and that he could “go to college for free.”

Read more: Chris Munoz, Army Conscientious Objector

War College says Courage to Resist impedes recruiting

By Mike Mckee, Courage to Resist. March 17, 2014

A recently circulated academic paper from a U.S. Army War College research fellow demonstrates that organizations like Courage to Resist are having a substantive effect on the military’s ability to recruit and retain soldiers.

The paper, titled “Civilian Organizational Inhibitors to US Army Recruiting and the Road Ahead (PDF),” singles out Courage to Resist as a key example of its most formidable opponents that “aim to hinder, deter, or prevent United States Army Recruiters from presenting information and providing opportunities to their target market.”

Writing in 2010, its author, Lt. Col. Todd Jacobus of the US Army National Guard, outlines the opposition faced by the military’s “11,000-strong recruiting force” combing schools, neighborhoods and public areas (including some 3,000 recruiting stations).

Read more: War College says Courage to Resist impedes recruiting

West Coast GI Coffeehouse Tour underway

In a campaign reminiscent of Vietnam War days, military veterans and family members will travel to ten west coast cities promoting GI outreach centers in Texas, Washington state, and Germany.  The GI Coffeehouse Tour will begin in San Diego on Thursday, February 13 and end in Seattle on Saturday, March 1. Visit for tour dates, locations, and times.

Local communities will welcome the GI Coffeehouse Tour with special events featuring poets, artists and musicians. Participants at tour stops will learn about GI coffeehouse history, find out what current-day coffeehouses do to support the troops, and join in conversations about the current state of the military and what that means for service members and their families.

The GI  Coffeehouse Tour will feature the work of Under The Hood Cafe and Outreach Center near Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, Coffee Strong near Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Lakewood, Washington, and The Clearing Barrel GI Bar and Coffeehouse in Kaiserslautern, Germany, the center for U.S. military installations in Europe.

The tour will raise much needed funds for the three GI outreach centers, which provide counseling on military discharges, veterans benefits and conscientious objection to war, as well as safe spaces for soldiers to share their experiences and begin healing the psychological wounds of war.

Read more: West Coast GI Coffeehouse Tour underway


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