International Conscientious Objector Day May 15

In Berkeley, California, join us on International Conscientious Objectors’ Day, Wednesday, May 15th, to celebrate the 7th Annual Berkeley C.O. and War Resisters’ Day. Peace Flag raising ceremony at 11:30am at the Civic Center flagpole at 2180 Milvia Street, Berkeley.

This Berkeley event features Conscientious Objectors and War Resisters from World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Speakers include: Kriss Worthington, Berkeley City Councilmember; Jeff Paterson, Courage to Resist; Emma Cape, Bradley Manning Support Network; Bob Meola, Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission, War Resisters League.

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Grant awarded to Courage to Resist

By Courage to Resist. April 15, 2013

Courage to Resist is a proud recipient of a grant this tax day by the Northern California War Tax Resistance and the People's Life Fund.  The People's Life Fund’s money comes from conscientious war tax resisters in Northern California who deposit or donate all or part of the amount they would otherwise pay to the federal government in income taxes. Courage to Resist will share $20,000 with about 20 other SF Bay Area organizations. Our share will be used to assist war resister Kimberly Rivera and her family. Kimberly will likely be sentenced to military prison on April 29, while her husband is left to care for their four small children.

Justin Colby sentenced to 9 months jail

Please write a letter today in support of this objector's early release

Update April 19, 2013: War resister Justin Colby transferred to Fort Lewis, south of Seattle, to serve nine month prison sentence. Write him directly at: COLBY, Justin / 1450 Alder Rd. / Box 339536 / Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98433-9536

By SPC Justin Colby, US Army. March 22, 2013

Justin wrote this statement a few hours before being sent away for 9 months to a military prison. Justin had lived in Canada in order to refuse a second Iraq deployment, and to better care for his family. See below for how to help Justin now.

My name is Justin Colby and I am an Active Duty soldier serving in the United States Army. I am writing today to talk about some of my experiences serving in the US Army. I admit that there were many positive experiences about my serving the Army (and I have a great deal of respect and appreciation for many of those that I served with), but for the purposes of this writing I will focus on the negative experiences that shaped my ability to participate in this organization.

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US War objector-in-exile Jules Tindungan

By Bob Meola, Courage to Resist. March 15, 2013

"We treated them like dog shit. We’d roll into a village and the guys would throw water bottles at the kids. We’d do home incursions. It was like police harassment in L.A. that I’d seen growing up. We were foreign cops in another people’s country."

Jules Tindungan (photo right) is a U.S. War Resister living in Toronto, Ontario. He joined the Army in 2005.  Jules comes from a military family.  His grandfather was from the Philippines and served in World War II and was present at the Bataan death march.  An after effect of his service was U.S. citizenship for his family.  Many other family members served in the military.  Jules’ brother is currently deployed in Afghanistan.  Numerous uncles and cousins are also current members of the U.S. military.

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April 2013 print newsletter

By Courage to Resist. March 18, 2013

We're proud to share our April 2013 print newsletter (PDF). This tri-annual newsletter highlights Bradley Manning's historic statement taking credit for exposing war crimes and government corruption, "Bradley Manning in his own words," as well as updates on war resisters Kimberly Rivera and Jules Tindungan. Kimberly facing prison at an upcoming April 29 hearing for having sought refugee status in Canada with her family. Meanwhile Jules won a Canadian court decision recently that allows him to stay in Canada--for now.

Last Friday we mailed thousands of copies to friends and supporters around the world, but you can also view, print, and share it here. We publish our newsletter every four months so folks have a quick overview of our recent work. It's the next best thing to regularly checking in with us via our website and/or our Facebook page.


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